Santa’s glaze workshop

Do not label the glazes on the bucket lids!

What does this have to do with Santa? Nothing, yet.   But for those of you who like pottery, I thought it interesting to show you what the pieces look like glazed, but not fired.  “Now Tom”, you might say, “You, my friend, have gone a little bland in your color scheme.  and besides, I thought you never do pink pottery!”

This is true.  I do not do pink pottery.  But when you look at the glazed pieces, they are all variations of pink, and light brown.   I know, I know!   That’s what’s so cool about pottery.

santas workshopThe glazes, simplified, are recipes comprised of clay, silica, and minerals, all crushed up to a fine dust.  And they all look like pinks or light browns.  I know, I know!  So, this mixed up dust is put in water and swirled around, so when you dip in a piece of bisque pottery, the water is absorbed into the porous clay, and the dust sits on the outside.  That is what you are seeing in the picture.

What  you will be seeing though is tan, and greens, and browns, and blues, and reds, and turquoise, and yellow, once these are fired to 2345 degrees.  So why does one not label the bucket lids, because one labels the buckets so you know what’s in the bucket…because they all look like pinks and light browns.

Again, what does this have to do with Santa?  Well these pieces are all being prepared for good little boys and girls in the glaze workshop.  These will be available for Christmas.   Pottery truly is magic in a magical time of the year!

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