Creationism or Big Bang Theory?

This post is not meant to debate the two schools of thought in the title, but mainly to display how my brain works and how these two ideas worked their way in to my head, out my head, through my hands, and in to redware pottery.  Perhaps it was my upbringing, my home environment and early schooling, that shaped my opinions and beliefs, and drove me with utter passion to creating these plates.

Nah.    They were just fun to make!

adamevebigbangtheoryThe bowl on the left, was inspired by a late 17th. c. plate by British potter Thomas Toft.   His Adam and Eve are just as folky as one gets, and they really spoke to me.  I also like the Toft technique of slip-trailing the lattice design around the piece.   Now the platter on the right is simply the technique of marbling.  I was first taken by pieces I saw by Solomon Grimm, Pennsylvania, early 19th c.    This was being done by other potters too, but I  really enjoy his work.    So, as I was looking at these two pieces, I was trying to decide if I would reveal my true feelings about this debate.

Nah.    But I will say, I’d hate to be on the wrong side when I am standing before the pearly gates.

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2 Responses to Creationism or Big Bang Theory?

  1. Mark Schiffer says:

    Tom, your work ,actually your art and craft are truly amazing. I continue to buy your unique redware year after year. I have quite a collection.You once told me that I could stack the pieces in the cupboard, my Dad gets a chuckle out that every time. I look forward to seeing more of your pottery. I’m always excited to visit New Harmony,such a wonderful small town Americana. Keep turning, you always, always amaze. Thanks,Mark

    • Tom says:

      Thanks Mark! I really appreciate your visits over the years and enjoy the good-natured fun your family brings to the booth! I also love the fact that you appreciate these pieces and they’re getting a good home. It’s hard to explain the feelings behind creating special pieces and then possibly never seeing them again; thus, knowing the special pieces are well cared for is comforting. We’ll be at Kunstfest, dressed funny; so if you get a chance, stop on by and say hi.

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