Here is one of the face jugs that was fired in the last kiln and she is like most “ugly” jugs…….ugly!  Actually with this cream glaze she’s kind of spooky.  But that’s OK.  The jugs were originally meant to scare children away from the contents; whiskey, medicine or poisons.  If I were a child and wanted a drink of what was in her, I think I would back off, turn toward the fridge and grab a cold Coke and spare my life.    I don’t make many women in the face jug genré but this kiln had two.  I like the glaze on this one because if you could feel it, it is very smooth; like she’s been pampered with goat milk skin treatments at the finest Swedish spa.  Her hair is beautifully coiffed into coils of the finest barley twist.  So, is she really a high maintenance diva?

Naw.~~~  She’s high fire stoneware which means she’s dishwasher safe!

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