No, not the academic kind.  The kind that goes: small, medium, medium large and large.  That’s what recently came from the kiln; a graduated set of shino glazed jars that was inspired by a customer.  Some of the best ideas come by way of people asking if I ever thought of this, or that.  Trust me, “this and that” are too often just floating around my brain and it takes the “butterfly net” of a comment by the customer to help me catch it.  That’s when  “this and that” becomes This.  Does this make sense?  Anyway, 

 here are the jars out for a walk in the garden.   The reduction of this kiln was just right and added a nice rust accent to the pieces.

Another piece I really liked  from this kiln was a sweet berry bowl.  No, I don’t mean for sweet berries,  I mean , a SWEET berry bowl.   The way this copper ash glaze ran and moved was magnificent.  I thought it might run back in to the holes, but it followed these beautiful paths that really gives the piece organic movement.    That’s what is so great about doing art/studio pottery.  The surprises that come from the kiln make every kiln a joy to open.       So, I guess “This” is what makes “That” the best job in the whole world.   And that does make sense!

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