Man’s Best Friend

Is there any doubt?   A dog is a friend, protector, therapist, cheerleader and playmate.   They become part of the family and are sometimes better to have at the Thanksgiving table than human family.  Their cherished value has been known and written about for generations;  grateful human companions have remembered their friends in paintings and sculptures. Folk artists have captured endearing characteristics of these friends in clay and wood and have given us wonderful objects that make us smile when we see them.  The redware dogs pictured here, are inspired by folk potters of the mid 19th century.  They were perhaps used as doorstops or paperweights.

redware dog with basket

 What can be better than your best friend bringing you a basket with your favorite libation?

redware standing dog with bottle  


And here is another; there   seems to be a theme .


I was reluctant at first to try my hand at these sculptural figures, for fear of not succeeding I suppose.  But after doing a few, I too have found the allure of making man’s best friend bring a smile to my face.  And to be fair, I also like cats; have recently come into three barn cats, and enjoy the smiles they bring to my face in their barnyard antics.  Do I see redware cats in my future?  Check out the post before this one to see the “king of the cats”.   He’s smiling and definitely makes me smile!!


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2 Responses to Man’s Best Friend

  1. Cheoy Lee says:

    These are adorable, a wonderful depiction of man’s best friend, you did it justice!

  2. tom wintczak says:

    Thank you! Dogs are the best! Although we have a few barn cats and they certainly hold their own in the entertainment category!

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