The word on redware

Early American redware is a tad peculiar when it comes to tableware; potters felt the need to say something, and say it on their wares they did!  Was it social commentary?  Was it useful?   Was it humorous?  Was it based in a need to remind oneself of religious faith?          Yes!      Yes!     Yes!     and     Yes!

This month, I have put together a small exhibit at The Alexandrian Public Library in Mt. Vernon Indiana that has some examples of redware with words.       

One of my favorites;  “Sing, pray, and go on God’s way.  Perform what thou has to do faithfully.”

How about, ” To love and to be loved is the greatest joy on Earth.”      or    

“Everyone says I have such a beautiful wife.”  

 In my research, I have come across some great pearls of wisdom expressed in very few words.   I have also found some bawdy plates that make me wonder what on Earth was going on with that potter!  (all of the phrases I use on my plates are family friendly)   And then I find some that are in German where something definitely gets lost in the translation.   Nonetheless, the words on redware are always interesting and make me pause and try to connect with the potter of the period.     If you would like your word on redware, I can do that;  and we’ll make  people two hundred years from now wonder, what on Earth was on that potter’s mind!

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