Really?….Two turtle doves revisited.

two turtle dove sugar potclose upHas it really been since last April since I posted?????   That’s what being busy, posting on Facebook and blog procrastination does to you, or to me, or to one.   I am still here, creating pots and gardening and enjoying both immensely!   So…, I do remember posting a while ago about the Partridge in a Pear Tree Jar, and promising those who wanted to follow along on the “12 Days of Christmas ” journey, the second piece.  For those of you who are humming the song right now, you have probably figured out it should be Two Turtle Doves.   Yes, The Two Turtle Dove sugar pot was finished for 2013 and sent to all who requested.     I must say, I wasn’t planning on doing the whole 12 day thing,  but am quite excited about it now, and have just completed the “Three French Hen” piece for 2014.    After I stopped and thought about this venture, from a practical potter standpoint, because those of you who know me, know me as a very practical sort of potter, I thought to myself, HEY!! What if 10 years from now someone wants a Partridge in a Pear Tree Jar???

So, I started writing down meticulous instructions to my practical self about how many pounds of clay and the steps it takes, in order, so my feeble potter brain in 2024 will be able to replicate these pieces, and glad I DID!   The sugar pot takes 30 steps, or is it 31??  Hang on a minute, let me check my notes…..nope, it’s 31.  See?  So fret not, future “12 Dayers”, I’ve got you covered!






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