Bank of Knowledge

I was fortunate again this year to be invited back to Washington Catholic Elementary School’s Pioneer Day.   I did a post last year and said how much fun it was; and it really is fun to watch the students in their pioneer clothes play early American games and learn about daily life in the formation of our nation.  This year I taught about the importance of clay and different types of pots for garden, cooking and eating.  All of the students were able to make a redware pinch pot which I then took back to the studio, fired and sent back to them so they could have their own, handmade, (their hands) little redware pot.  Then, I took each one on as an apprentice and taught them the intricacies of attaching clay to clay.  (good knowledge to have if you want handles on your mugs and pitchers!)   But in this case, we made a 19th c. English style Hen and Chicks Bank, where each student made a chick.  A great job was done by all and there were no apprentices fired this time! Thanks to the 32 hands that made the chicks!  And of course, Mrs. Davis sits upon the top teaching all year long!   Kudos to Mrs. Davis for having such well behaved chicks.



This bank will definitely hold coins, but alas, it is better descibed as a “Bank of Knowledge” for what was learned by it’s construction.



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