Who said a high sodium diet is bad?

When firing a salt glaze kiln, what one needs is salt, salt, salt!

My friend Beth Mohr, who I’ve mentioned before, built a salt kiln a few years ago and luckily, for me, lives very close; close enough to haul pots over for a good dosing of the salty stuff.  She was kind enough to let me put quite a few pieces in this time, so I could really test different clays and decorating techniques.   If you follow my work, you know I am very taken by early American wares.  I was shooting for a nice blue cobalt on white look, but what I got was a beautiful mocha and caramel blush look with dark blue cobalt decoration.  We were very happy with the way the kiln fired, even though we were not trying to reduce it much, it must have been in a mild reduction for a good while.   But if you read my post on  “No Expectations” you would know that I am not dissapointed in the least!!


I will have these pieces and more at the Indiana Artisan Marketplace, in Indianapolis next weekend.




So, come by and visit, Booth #311, bring a bag of kettle chips, and we can exchange stories of high sodium diets.

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  1. LInda Starr says:

    It’s the salt of the earth.

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