With many hearts and hands…

With many hearts and hands, a beautiful plate was created.

On May 13th, I was a guest at Washington Catholic Elementary School for their 4th grade Pioneer Day.  I have to say it is great fun for the children and for the guests.  My pleasure was teaching about early American redware pottery from garden to table.   We all then decorated a redware plate with a heart of the children’s choice in the sgraffito technique of the period.  I was so pleased with their concentration and effort at the time; but as every potter knows, the proof is in the puddin’, er,  kiln opening, and I must say,

“Many hearts and hands made one beautiful plate!”

Thank you to all of my many apprentices!



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2 Responses to With many hearts and hands…

  1. Heather says:

    Love this one, Tom! :)

    • Tom says:

      Hey Heather! ~~~The kids did a great job and truly put their hearts in to it. I mailed the plate yesterday to the teacher so they could enjoy the fruits of their labor. She told me it will be put on display at the school; perhaps inspiring one of those little apprentices to become a big potter. (muddy hands are a good thing)

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